Welcome to our creative world

Your dream is to balance between work and personal life. Unfortunately, you are unable to balance the two because you normally have lots of things to do after work. Now its time to rest and leave all the creative work to Us. We are here for you.

What we can do

Office Organisation

Is the paper clutter and unorganised filing systems leaving you feeling stressed, chaotic and overwhelmed?

Documents & Creative

We can create customised documents and creative pieces to suit your needs.


Do you need some extra help but employing an additional staff member isn’t within your budget?

Social Media

Take something else off your “To Do” list while we take care of your social media accounts.


Do you need some {extra|additional} {help|assistance|aid} but employing {an additional|an extra} {staff member|employee|team member} isn’t within your budget?
Our concierge services provide the {benefits|advantages} of an assistant, without the {full time|full-time} {commitment|dedication}.

Life is {busy|hectic} enough without {having to|needing to} spend your valuable} time on tasks you can {outsource|contract out}. You {don’t|do not} {have to|need to} do it all alone, {take advantage of|benefit from|make the most of} our experience and {expertise|proficiency|knowledge|competence|know-how} and {free up|maximize} your time to {focus on|concentrate on} your core business.

• Online research.
{Event|Occasion}, meeting and conference {planning|preparation}: {venue|location} sourcing, run sheets, {invitation|invitation}, auction {item|product} sourcing, fundraising ideas, RSVP.
• Report preparation.
• Clean up and coordination of electronic files.
• Scanning of images and {documents|files}.
• {Set up|Establish} of {directories|directory sites}, contact lists, {catalogues|brochures} and {mailing lists|subscriber list|newsletters}.
• {Word Processing|Data Processing}– Typing, {Editing|Modifying}, Proofreading, {Formatting|Formatting}.
• Email {monitoring|tracking}: monitor inbox, filter {important|essential|crucial} {emails|e-mails}, inbox organisation, {respond to|react to} {particular|specific} {emails|e-mails}– {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} for when you’re away!
• Travel: hotels, flights, trip {itineraries|schedules|travel plans}.
• PowerPoint presentations.
• {Product and service|Services and product|Product or services} descriptions and spiels.
• Content writing ({blog|blog site}, {social media|social networks}, {website|site}, on hold spiels).
• New {website|site} content and design briefs.
• Gift and award sourcing.
• Dinner {reservations|bookings|appointments}.
• Research and sourcing products, services, quotes, gifts, awards, {venues|locations}, supplies.